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Kydz Adda Bannerghatta Road
ASK Mansion, 4th Floor,
5 & 10 Bannerghatta Road,
Arekere, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560070,
+91 9108 888 222


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

When you leave home, how do you know which way to go to reach school? Go straight, take the 3rd right and 2nd left after that and you’ll reach the park. Everyday we use directions and maps to reach our favorite destinations. Understanding maps, directions and using them for navigation is a crucial skill that children need to develop. Atlas workshop introduces them to maps, map making and how they are used in navigation. With a little bit of history, some games and activities children will explore the fascinating field of cartography. While children will make maps, learn navigation objects like a Compass, the key takeaways include developing
Confidence in using Spatial skills: Shift from ‘I don’t know or can’t apply spatial skills’ to ‘I can use spatial skills in mapping and navigation’
Open and positive mindset: Shift from ‘maps is only for geography class’ to ‘Maps are fun, informative and useful’
Context of what they are learning: Sense of direction and using offline maps or GPS based maps are key skills, How these maps are made and how they are helpful to us.
Curiosity & inquisitiveness: Look around the everyday things and think of them in terms of their spatial relationships. Think about the possibilities they create due to those relationships and possibilities in navigation
Cilre focuses on empowering children to learn through these experiences. An introductory workshop such as this helps instigating these traits. Like any habit, they need to be practiced regularly to make it last. Age: 6-10