Sing Along Tales

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Did you know that songs played an important role in the olden days as much as the story itself?
 They were the easier means to tell people about the values of a community,warn them of dangers etc. No wonder. many stories were also sung like songs.
Join Lavanya Prasad from Tale’scope as she tells you a folk tale and also adds to the fun with a story song and some cool moves!
Let’s do  some shakes moves and songs!
About the storyteller :
Lavanya Prasad’s childhood was filled with stories, songs, dance, and rhythms. So it only comes naturally to her to use all these in her telling sessions adding a contemporary touch to these stories.
About the Event :
Age:  5+ yrs
Ticket price: 300 per child. 
Date,Venue & Time:   16-Feb @ Kydzadda Bannerghatta Road Center 11Am-12 noon.
 (Fees Includes one-hour playtime for the child)
If parents wish to sit for the session please enquire  at the reception.
For further details call on :  78478 88222



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