Young Author Program at Kydzadda!!

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Put on your writing hats and learn the art of writing fiction!!
The Young Author Program has been created in collaboration with the self-publishing company The goal of this program is to teach young writers about the nuances of creating fiction.
Writing a book or a short story is a labor of love and a writing workshop like this will provide young writers with the basic tools they need to embark on their writing journey.
Program Structure
Day 1: The children are encouraged to do a bit of free writing to loosen their writing muscles. They are then introduced to the idea of characterization and setting.
Day 2: The children are introduced to the idea of plotting and start working on their story.
Day 3: It’s time to edit the story and submit it to the mentor!
The Young Author Program covers many aspects of story creation and believes in helping writers start young and excel in their craft. Attendance on all days of the Young Author Workshop is mandatory.
Snacks will be provided. The writing work is done in the Young Author Program workbook.
Course outcome:
The Young Author Program will provide a Certificate.
The final written piece will be printed in an anthology and sent to the young writers at a later date.
To understand more about the program you can check out the Young Author Program on fb: or on Instagram:
Oct 19th, Oct 26th and Nov 2nd 2019
Timing: 3.30pm to 5pm
Venue: Kydzadda Banashankari
Age: 8yrs-15yrs
Fee: Rs.4500/-
Early Bird discount applicable for registrations before 30th September. Call on 99868481622 or 9686888222 for bookings.



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