Janajagriti – A Not for profit organization

“Janajagriti” is a Not for profit organization, to create mass awareness for holistic well-being. Under the Janajagriti Mission, we have initiated one of the key program  “InspireMinds”, to inspire and guide youth for better health and a greener environment.

We work with parents and schools to inspire the younger generation towards better health and sustainable development using games, stories, design thinking, and life skills-based approach.

We focus on

  1. Improve health and environment literacy of children and youth through educational games and other learning pedagogy.
  2. Reduce malnutrition in rural areas
  3. Enable children and adolescents at all levels to learn critical health, safety and life skills

Our journey into sparking social change started on 12 Sep 2015. It’s the day after our founder, Sachin Revankar lost his dear mother to breast cancer. Knowing very well cancer does not have any medicine, we looked at various conventional and alternative approaches.

We began research on the root cause of cancer. We also in parallel started a pilot project on blood and organ donation, which lead us to the realization that the key to people’s participation is awareness.

Our research led us to the understanding that brings awareness on health, diet, and nutrition is the optimal way to combat disease. We decided to name our life mission “Janajagriti “, an awareness for holistic wellbeing.

According to our survey, 96 percent of people lack knowledge about nutrition. Most people think they know it, but they don’t. Even if you google today to find the top calcium-rich food, you don’t get the right answer. 

There is a huge gap in our knowledge of nutrition, and we want to bridge that gap by using games and stories to promote behavioral change.


  1. Children will learn about nutrition and healthy habits in a fun and engaging way
  2. Our games are very well accepted by nutritionists/dieticians and doctors and used by Govt agencies to promote healthy habits.

Our message for Parents:

Nutritious Food. Healthy Child.

As a parent, what is your primary focus? Anyone can say with utmost certainty, that it is to keep your child healthy. In an age marred with global challenges such as pollution, infectious diseases and what not, how do you protect your child and make sure they remain disease-free?

“Let your food be your medicine.” – Hippocrates

Good nutrition helps children be healthier and do better. However, as parents we all struggle to ensure our children are eating healthy food, when they are more attracted to junk food. Then how do we make sure they eat healthy, nutritious food?
We as parents, however, spend less time working on making sure they teach this crucial life lesson. We can help your children make healthy food choices using our innovative games

How to reach us

sachin@inspireminds.org / 789 254 0866 

 Website – inspireminds.org 

More about games

Be Smart – Board games for 5+ years
About and how to play –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjOVMMEP36M

Nutrition Smart – Card game for 9+ years
About the game – https://youtu.be/UmwvWaVrtsY
How to play – https://bit.ly/NutriSmart_HowToPlay