Say No to Exam Stress with 9 best De-Stress Tip

Say No to Exam Stress with 9 best De-Stress Tip

No matter how well your kiddo has prepared for the exam, it is going to be a stressful time. Exam time is difficult to cope up, it is obvious for the child to feel overwhelmed by repeated revisions and preparations. The higher level of stress can also hinder the child’s study and demotivate them. Here are the 9 best and workable de-stress tips to manage anxiety.

  • Allocate Me Time 

Scheduling and managing time with a preparation timetable helps you to follow the best learning pattern. But, it is also important to take regular study breaks and have me time. Taking 15-20 minutes of study break can cut the monotony and increase your productivity. Take up a quick hobby like painting, reading your favorite book, cooking, gardening during the 15-20 minutes me-time break. Avoid indulging in smartphones during the break.

  • Have a Balanced Diet

Exam preparation is undoubtedly stressful, but a poor diet can make everything worst. For your body to perform in the best possible way, make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Include seasonal vegetables, fruits, greens, pulses, and milk products in your diet every day. Avoid junks and reduce the caffeine content. Lastly, keep yourself well hydrated with at least 8-10 glasses of water.

  • Avoid Self-doubt

When there are stress and new challenges it is obvious for the child to have self-doubt. The child might feel underachieved and negative thoughts can make it worst. Motivate and encourage the child to be confident and believe in themselves. Let them know you are always there and they are the best.  

  • Take a Break

Spending a little time away from the books and study material is always refreshing and relaxing. Step out with your child and their friends for a play date. Plan a trip to KydzAdda with your buddies. KydzAdda is a curated space for a family with young kids. The colorful play area offers access to slides, tube tunnels, ball pits, trampoline, and a lot lot more. This sophisticated and soft play area is designed to channelize the child’s energy in a positive way. In addition to it, KydzAdda offers child lot of activities, workshops, and fun events which is suitable for kids of all age groups.

  • Avoid Comparison 

Comparison kills, don’t listen to others and compare your child with other child’s revision or way of studying. Listening to other people can only stress your child more and you may have the feeling of a low progression rate. Every child is unique and needs support from the family, comparison can make them more anxious and sadder.

  • Realistic Goals 

Setting up a realistic goal is a must when it comes to studying and managing revision Scoring marks can make you want more beyond your efforts and calibre. Have a realistic goal before your exams so that you have a perspective. Maximum productivity by setting up the workable goal. Studying an entire volume is not possible in a day, so avoid setting up such unrealistic goals.

  • Talk to someone 

There is nothing shameful in asking for help, if you find your child stressed, talk to them. A hearty conversation is one of the best ways to control anxiety. Encourage your child to have a conversation with their close friends, maybe a teacher, or even a family member.

  • Sleep Well

All-nighters or waking up early on regular basis without following a sleep pattern can take a toll on your overall health. Follow a routine and sleep at least for a good 8-10 hours every day. A good night’s sleep helps your body to perform well and rejuvenates. Sleep also reduces the stress level and anxiety.  

Exam season is here, the above-mentioned handy tips can help your child to manage their anxiety and stress level. Encourage your child to be cool, calm, and study well during the exam period.


About the Author:
Written by Hema,  HR turned full-time blogger based in  Bangalore. I prefer to observe and analyze the real world and blog about my learnings. As a parent, I always look for the best possible ways and hacks to make parenting easy.  Stay tuned to this space and witness some healthy food recipes and tips to make parenting a fun journey.